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"Individual Service with International Strength"

AEO Authorised Economic Operator GB/AEOC/00009/16

Heritage International Freight Ltd was founded in 1997 by Mr Tim Egleton and Mr Richard Littlefield - owners of the company, Head Office in London. Since 1997 the company has expanded in the UK and USA through investment with an opportunity to offer a range of services to both UK/USA Clients and Overseas Partners. With more than 50 years experience in Freight Forwarding, our knowledge, dedication and commitment to service has been the key to deliver.

Heritage International Freight (Boston) Inc

January 2012 we opened our 1st overseas office, owned exclusively by Heritage UK operated by Carl leClair – Managing Director bringing a wealth of US Forwarding Experience to better serve our clients and overseas partners within our head office based in Boston, MA covering the East Coast of USA. With our own US Customs Brokerage system and Domestic Trucking network, we offer a list of diverse services to our Media/TV clients as well as traditional freight forwarding that our company has been founded on.

Heritage Boston offer both Airfreight & Oceanfreight Services to/from East Coast, breakbulk and Domestic transportation to final destination within the USA and South America.

Amongst the benefits of having our own control office, customers can expect a one stop shop along with competitive rates without the number of third party connections associated with US Freight Forwarding..

Overseas Network

We are always seeking new partners, like minded and reliable, who understand our business and the need to offer an extension arm of Heritage International overseas. The expansion of our network has been through investment in travel and meetings, one to one discussions and agency agreements.

We are actively working in Sales Development by committing sales resource in developing sales leads, competitive buy rates and FOB Charges. We have Route Development programmes in place with those partnes looking to concentrate on areas of growth.

We are proud of the fact that we still maintain partnerships with agents when we first started Heritage to those new partners who have shown interest in our company. We see the development overseas as one of the prime and key areas in building the strength of our company and we continue to support our partners overseas and welcome any new opportunity. We are members of two very important organisations thus giving us Complete Global Coverage!

Our Associations


Heritage Group


Our corporate office covering Air & Sea, Sales, Accounts & Logistics.


A division to service our traditional and expanding client base providing cost effective solutions in air/sea and road transportation. Operational Office based at London Heathrow Airport.


Our Bristol team provide all aspects of freight forwarding to support our Swindon, Bristol & West Country based clients and control of Bristol Airport & Port destined consignments.


A division created in 2002 servicing the Media and Broadcasting Industry. In 2008 the division moved to the prestigious location within Shepperton Studios (Pinewood Group) to support the TV, Film & Broadcasting Industry.
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Our Manchester team provides all aspects of freight forwarding to support our Northern/Scotland based clients for shipments arriving into Liverpool Port and Manchester Airport/ICD.


Special projects Division focused on Projects, Charters & Trailer movements using knowledge and experience of over 40 years in the industry.


Division that offers our clients an Express Product for small parcels/documents UK and International, track/trace/book online.


Carl leClair, Managing Director, heads our EAST COAST coverage of the USA

Heritage Media Services

As a company, we have been involved in media freight forwarding since our foundation in 1997. As a result of this in 2002 we created Heritage Media Services as a separate division based inside SHEPPERTON STUDIOS to fully focus and support the TV & Broadcasting Industry.

ATA Carnet Service

Our services are comprehensive but one feature that is commonly used in this industry is the use of the ATA CARNET – The Passport for Goods.

Within our Carnet Service, we provide the exclusive use of our ATA Carnet Guarantee, the controlled movement of the ATA Carnet ( Carnet Tracker ) along with professional advice on what can and cannot be listed on the Carnet.

Subscribers to our ATA Carnet Service will also receive the latest news on changes to the ATA Carnet system, regulations and acceptances.

We also provide a service for those looking to Exhibit in a “Restricted Country” such as Russia, China & South America enabling our client to use an ATA Carnet to avoid “Cash Deposits or Bank Guarantees” based on our negotiation with the local Customs/Event even foreign Embassy.

We provide the ATA Carnet on a Sameday, Special or Standard service at a very competitive price with experienced advice to include the complete logistics and how it can be used.

Media, TV & Broadcasting

Our team provides “complete logistics” including air and ocean freight, courier for time sensitive consignments, road transportation & Hand Carry/MIB.

For those who really have no time to commit equipment to freight transportation, we assist in excess baggage, flight and hotel accommodation for crew and freelance operatives.

Our extensive list of completed events indicate our experience at an international level in some quite remote parts of the world. It is important for us to have an experienced, like minded overseas partner who can tailor his service to demands of our client and their crew or customer.

Special Projects & Full Charters/Events

International Courier Express Division

A division where our client can easily book online, track & trace and invoice small to large quantities of International Courier Express Shipments as well as UK cost effective and competitive both Import and Export consignments


    Heritage International Freight Ltd

    Heritage House
    Chesterfield Way
    UB3 3NW

    Tel: (44) 208 569 2050


    Our Offices

    1 Corporate Office
    Heritage International Freight Ltd (

    Richard Littlefield

    DDI 0208 569 2050

    Mob:+44 7894107734

    Managing Director

    Jim Sambridge

    DDI 0208 831 8921

    Mob:+44 7803424844

    Heathrow Branch Manager

    Manola Martinelli

    DDI 0208 831 8920

    Logistics Manager

    Sarah Freeman

    DDI +44 7842 236835

    Accounts Manager

    2 Heathrow Airport
    Heritage Airfreight Limited ( or or

    Jim Sambridge

    DDI 0208 831 8921

    Mob:+44 7803424844


    Heritage Media Services (

    Mark Watmore

    DDI 0208 569 2050

    Mob: +44 7970381591

    Media Operations Manager

    4 Manchester
    Heritage International Freight Ltd (

    Keith Blower

    DDI 0161 437 0205

    Mob: 07703 256160

    Branch Manager

    5 Bristol
    Heritage International Freight Ltd (

    Steve Redwood

    DDI 0117 316 4863

    Mob: + 44 7850 972332

    Branch Manager

    Vanessa Roberts

    DDI 01454 877546

    Mob: +44 7531097009

    Operations Supervisor

    6 Boston
    Heritage International Freight Inc (

    Carl Le Clair

    DDI 001 617 887 0216

    Mob : 001 617 852 0073

    Managing Director

    7 Group Managing Director
    Heritage Group of Companies (

    Richard Littlefield

    DDI 0208 569 2050

    Mob:+44 7894107734

    Managing Director

    8 Group Chairman
    Heritage Group of Companies (

    Tim Egleton

    DDI 0208 831 8925

    Mob:+44 7712616562


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    At Heritage International Freight Ltd we take data protection very seriously. We want you to trust us to respect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. Legislation aimed at giving you more control over this is called the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION ( GDPR ).

    The Data Protection Regulation allows you to have more control over what happens to your information. For example, without your permission, we cannot send you information regarding news or offers but we will inform you about related information pertaining to one of your shipments or quotations We will no longer send mailing shots of promotional rates or services unless we have your permission to do so.

    Our Privacy Policy takes effect on 25 May 2018, it describes what information we protect and how long, how we use it and how it is kept safe.

    For details of our GDPR Policy please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Rest assured, your personal data is safe with HERITAGE INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT LTD.